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Prenup Summer Outing with Rodel Natoc & Chürchill A. Garcia (In Flying Colors) Kite flying! Bubbles! 99 minus 90 luft balloons! Super soakers! Summer! at The Greenery Bulacan. Mark your calendars! Video edit by: Parilya Himpilan Teklado Limb...

Here’s an ad that hit home! So inventive and nostalgic, it’s the type of commercial that really gets to you. So many bits in here that reminded me of my childhood, some of others’ (e.g. the tamagochi, because I never had one haha).

Microsoft brings back the 90s feel, back then when we only went to SM Megamall to chill. That was supposed to rhyme but meh anyway, Microsoft's latest video for Internet Explorer aims to play with your emotion and bring back some nostalgia. It's wort...

In modern version of Internet Explorer 10, Bing has been set as the default search engine in the said web browser. You can change the search provider for a specific search and you can specify the search provider you prefer to use by default. INSTRUCT...

Microsoft sees WebKit as a threat -- specifically in the mobile space. This has even caused some people to accuse WebKit-based browsers of becoming what IE6 once was. The reality is that WebKit is not, will not be, and can not be the same problem tha...

Those of us still using Windows 7 get to join in the fun thanks to Microsoft's release of the release preview of IE10. I've run some tests, and this is a substantial improvement from the previous version, but how is it compared to Chrome?

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