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The Strawberry TartThe Strawberry Tart

This is a blog of 23-year-old Filipina living in one of the many subdivisions of Manila. This is her attempt to chronicle the period in her life that...


Catch the latest Showbiz celebrity scandals in the Philippines and in Hollywood! Get the latest scoops on your favorite reality shows and watch live s...


This is my BLOG. It's anything about my life. About my family, fashion, food and my son, Uno. I like anything chic and beautiful!

Sunkissed SirenSunkissed Siren

Random nothingness under the sun.

The Curious ScribblerThe Curious Scribbler

The site tackles a wide variety of topics ranging from the most common to the most obscene. The author focuses on his opinions on societal issues and ...

Luscious DesireLuscious Desire

I live my life with style.

Got to TravelGot to Travel

I am very meticulous in time and planning my itinerary. In this blog, I share what I've learned and encountered while traveling. If you're p...

cakes and foodscakes and foods

anything about cakes and foods

my life's open diarymy life's open diary

Gifts and Gems are derived from my names Maan Gift (real, used from 6th grade up tp present) and Gem Marie (used up to 6th grade)!

The Adventures of DonJuanQuixoteThe Adventures of DonJuanQuixote

My weblogs is all about tech, food, events, movies, etc.

Try TedrickTry Tedrick

I write about men's fashion, social and fashion parties, and anything that deals with lifestyle and living. I love life and I share my thoughts t...


Dito sa isumbongmo, wala kaming pinipiling kalaban wala din kaming pinipiling tulungan basta nagsumbong ang bayan aksyon n...

Life and FeverLife and Fever

Life and Fever is a personal blog. Nope, no niches. I guess I like life in general, so I have no need to stick to one field. Forgive me for being anti...


This is a blog that features all of the beautiful women of the world. Popular women in the internet and in show business.

Jumping True HoopsJumping True Hoops

Mind Feeds by Atty. Rose Beatrix Cruz-Angeles (Trixie Cruz-Angeles)


The personal blog of May Tobias-Papa, a writer and illustrator of children's books from the Philippines.

b&w's adventures - traveling the Philippines with bembem and wengb&w's adventures - traveling the Philippines with bembem and weng

A travel blog about our adventures and misadventures around the Philippines. You can find tips and guides to different destinations in the country. We...


this blog is about events,people,places,beauty entertainment and anything I feel like writing.

Allen JambalayaAllen Jambalaya

For practice blogging purposes only.

hurdler49: Hurdles, Track & Field and Sportshurdler49: Hurdles, Track & Field and Sports

Life, Hurdles, Track & Field and Sports!

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