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Simple Garden ThoughtsSimple Garden Thoughts

Beginning to appreciate gardening to keep in touch with nature. I'm a working mom, I practice yoga to be at peace with my body and mind and happy...

Superb SeñoraSuperb Señora

Honoring the women of sport!

Diary of a Modern Maria ClaraDiary of a Modern Maria Clara

This blog aims to share the beauty of the Philippines through the eyes of a modern Filipina. It's all about the charming people, our rich culture...

Periwinkle ConfessionsPeriwinkle Confessions

Beauty. Fashion. Food. Love and Relationships. Faith. Inspiration.

The Diaries of A Lazy CatThe Diaries of A Lazy Cat

This is Lazy Cat's new home. The Diaries of A Lazy Cat is her day-to-day activities with the ones she truly loves.

Me In RandomMe In Random

This blog speaks of my current interests. Books, music, movies, food, etc. It also includes some of my rants and musings.

Get Lost In MakatiGet Lost In Makati

GetLostInMakati is the end-product of an individual who wants to share her experiences as she explores every nook and cranny of what is thought to be ...

One-live Cat's LifeOne-live Cat's Life

A Filipina on running, travelling and living overseas

Philippine TechnologyPhilippine Technology

Bringing you the latest news in technology from the Philippines


A crazy way of traveling.

On my Mind I...On my Mind I...

I blog about every kikay stuff I encounter.

The Utter Randomness of ThingsThe Utter Randomness of Things

An occasional drunkard's view of the world

Faceless TraderFaceless Trader

Tales of how a faceless trader sought to become an elite trader and the journey it entailed.

Ice GoddhezIce Goddhez

Where my random ramblings go ... Weird Thoughts anything under the sun! Food. Fashion. Toys. Hobbies. Collectibles. Cosplay. Events. Management. Leade...

Dexter TravelsDexter Travels

Simply backpacking and finding the best in the world.

Do It Yourself Dude!Do It Yourself Dude!

This is a blog dedicated purely for self improvement, so if you think you are not living the way you want visit now and have a read!


Words and sequences weaved when I was staring lost in space...

when reality and fiction collidewhen reality and fiction collide

a chronicle of adventures in my head when reality just isn't enough.

Nostalgia Not allowedNostalgia Not allowed

A blog that promotes information and empowerment. Anhything and everything is the theme.


Makeup reviews and anything under the sun.

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