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Anonymous said: Glad to know that you are not gay :D Ok then, Anon, show yourself. =) Anonymous asked: Are you part of the lgbt community? Sayang naman, I like you pa naman. I am not gay, Anon.

Anonymous #3

By Fretz Villanueva on Jan 14, 2013 in: talks

Anonymous said: di ka yata mahal ng syota mo e. akin ka na lang. aalagaan kita. WHAT? Who are you, Anon? Anonymous asked: Kayo ba ni Ginoe? <3 Ginoe’s a good friend of mine. Haved talked to him online pa lang. Hindi po kami.

Anonymous said: I think you’re really really cute and intelligent and that’s like the perfect guy i.m.o. in short —-crush kita hahah :) goodnight I am guessing you are the same Anon who asked me in my ask.fm account. Anyway, than...

Here's Something

By Fretz Villanueva on Dec 30, 2012 in: talks

Hello there. Here’s something. I’m giving you the privilege of knowing more of me… before 2012 ends.So.. go ask already!


By Fretz Villanueva on Dec 29, 2012 in: talks

Anonymous asked: How do you balance being LGBT and being Christian? In my opinion, being an LGBT isn’t a hindrance to serving and glorifying God. As I’ve learned it, worshipping Him is inward and not about physicality. Anonym...

itsmeprincedon asked you: thanks for the follow. super articulate mo at ang galing mo magsulat :) First time to hear this from somebody. Super thank you, Kuya!

Absent Minded

By Fretz Villanueva on Dec 10, 2012 in: talks

Me: Kumakain ako ng money, baked. Ayoko sa lasa, pero ewan ko ba’t habang kausap kita nguya ako nang nguya. :3 XX: money? monay? Me: MANI! Waaaa, saan ko kinuha yang “money” :’( Lalo namang hindi monay. XD...

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