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Gil Nambatac OfficialGil Nambatac Official

Writing is Gil's passion. A passion that can't be separated from ...

Young Underpaid ProfessionalsYoung Underpaid Professionals

Welcome to the world of corpo, as we Yuppies see it.

The Utter Randomness of ThingsThe Utter Randomness of Things

An occasional drunkard's view of the world


Words and sequences weaved when I was staring lost in space...

when reality and fiction collidewhen reality and fiction collide

a chronicle of adventures in my head when reality just isn't enough.

My Dreams Up CloseMy Dreams Up Close

A sixteen-year old writer's journey through his soul and to the roads ...

Some Gorgeous AccidentSome Gorgeous Accident

An account of personal life experiences, a sanctuary of thinkabouts, and a ...


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James Yap, nagsalita na tungkol sa umanong pagbibigay ng permanenteng order na hindi makalapit sa anak nila ni Kris Aquino na si Bimbi! "Sinabi ko lang naman kay Bimbi na 'Look Bimbi oh, ki-kiss ko na si Mommy!' then nilalapit ko yung mukha ko kay K...

Good news again, Filipino readers! Just found out via National Bookstore's Facebook page that Sophie Kinsella's next book, Wedding Night, will soon be available in National Bookstore. Wedding Night's synopsis from Sophie Kinsella's Facebook pa...

FICTION & POETRYALIF THE UNSEEN . By G. Willow Wilson. (Grove, $25.) A young hacker on the run in the Mideast is the protagonist of this imaginative first novel.ALMOST NEVER . By Daniel Sada. Translated by Katherine...

My Life Plans As of Right Now

By Age of the Diary on Nov 26, 2012 in: Inspirational Stories, ambition, analyze, and David Fassler, arrogant, art, articles, artist, aspirations, author, bake, Barbra Streisand, believe in yourself, biographies, blogging, Book, bus tickets, camera, caring, cheap, conference, confident, cook, cousin, crafts, creative, culture, David Fassler, debate, debater, discrimination, draw, dream, dream job, dreams, Economist, ego, Escolta, essays, event, fame, family, feminism, Fiction, Filipino, focus, food, Francisco J. Colayco, geek, goal, goals, graduation speech, Gretchen Rubin, happiness, happy, honor student, ideal job, inspiration, inspirational, inspirational speech, intelelctual, intellectual, intelligent, internet, interview, job, journalist, Julia Cameron, lecture, lecturer, less selfish, life, life plans, loving, Manila, mathematician, meet great people, memoirs, mentor, Michele Lash, money, movies, music, My Kind of Family., Natalie Goldberg, newser, newsweek, niche, non-fiction, novel, Paint, photo, Photograph, photography, picture, plan, plans, poems, positive thinking, Publish, quiapo, random, recipe, Rhonda Byrne, Sally Ives Loughridge, Self-Help, selfless, shoot, short stories, show, shy, Shyness, singer, sings, slate, smart, social media, song, songs, Speak, speaker, steve jobs, stories, streets, streets of manila, study, tech, techie, technology, TED, TED videos, the guardian, The Happiness Project, The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, the secret, tiange, travel, tv, tv shows, wealth, Wealth Within Your Reach, Workshop, write, writer, writing workshop

I read a book called Wealth within Your Reach: Pera Mo Palaguin Mo by Francisco J. Colayco. The book mentions a study on people who wrote down their financial plans and those who didn’t. The researchers checked in on these people after 20 ye...

You’ve left me burning, that night you held my hand for the very first time. In your eyes, I saw that you knew and you understood - deep inside the walls I’ve built around myself is a fragility that may break at the softest whisper.

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