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Phantom MaelstromPhantom Maelstrom

A personal blog about Science, Art, and Philosophy. It features some of the most fine articles you can find.

My Tube: Silly, funny, brilliant controversial videos from youtubeMy Tube: Silly, funny, brilliant controversial videos from youtube

I scour Youtubeso you don't have to. Come on in and waste some time. I won't tell your boss.

My Purple PointsMy Purple Points

An attempt at beauty blogging by an aspiring makeup artist, made by a beauty junkie-slash-lawyer.

Basic Things For youBasic Things For you

Sharing all the Basic things like java Programs VB and Photoshop Tutorial ..

The Chronic VacacionistaThe Chronic Vacacionista

This is a chronicle of my attempts at quenching my insatiable nomadic thirst–accounts of my adventures before the diagnosis, and my own acceptance o...

The Misadventures of Roni G!The Misadventures of Roni G!

a pointless nostalgic and his everyday misadventures!

ECE Board ExamsECE Board Exams

Electronics and Communications Engineering review notes and materials including rare materials. Online review, discussion, and answers to questions al...

Online Filipino RecipesOnline Filipino Recipes

Online Filipino Food recipes. Find filipino food and recipes on this site. Mouth-watering and very delicious filipino foods.

I Am JoeyboyI Am Joeyboy

Joeyboy shares his experiences.

Matuwa KaMatuwa Ka

Another one of those humor blogs.

Under the StrobelightsUnder the Strobelights

The Life and Loves of a certain girl named Nikki R.

Life Journal of an Integrative Medical DoctorLife Journal of an Integrative Medical Doctor

Journal of an Integrative Medical Doctor

I am Fit and Fabulous!I am Fit and Fabulous!

Your quick online guide on dieting, fitness, health, and beauty


A cornucopia of writing/sports/photos and life. Words on the screen and pictures before your eyes.

The Gorgeous GourmandeThe Gorgeous Gourmande

Food is not just about the food. What makes every great meal more special is the story that is told with it. This is what makes my blog its own.


This blog is all about android devices, apps and the platform itself. It aims to be of help to people with android gadgets like smartphones and tablet...

Everyone is born creativeEveryone is born creative

I write stories mostly about lovelife, thoughts and something else. Makaka-relate ka dahil most of them are reality check. Tatamaan ka kaya o kikiligi...

Rising SunkRising Sunk

This blog is my personal approach on how to waste my time instead of just letting it passed by.

Make-up MaiteMake-up Maite

I started this blog to share my discoveries on health and beauty as well as my experiences as a frustrated artist, law student and make-up enthusiast....


A personal blog of an ofw who learned things the hard way..

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