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Although eh is the most overused baby word by Buchukoy, atatata... and adadada... are two of these additions to his vocabulary. Atatata... is not tita (or auntie). Adadada... doesn't mean daddy. He just speaks them to start a conversation or to reply...

Baby Talk #5: Eh!

on Sep 27, 2012 in: Baby Talk

Iatotski, my two-year-old niece, is growing up so fast. She's not a baby anymore. So starting today, my posts would shift to Buchukoy, my seven-month-old nephew and my elder sister's first son.The first word that I heard from Buchukoy a few days afte...

Mama and Daddy

on May 8, 2012 in: Mama and Daddy

I don't know why we sisters call our mother Mama not Mommy, and our father Daddy not Papa. What I know is that Mama and Daddy are exact opposites.Mama is a sociable type. She would always go out and chat with our neighbors. She's very familiar with m...

Baby Talk #4: Jobee

on Apr 30, 2012 in: Baby Talk

There's a recent rumor that Jollibee will have a branch in Singapore soon. My eldest sister's family is based in Singapore. If it's true, then my niece, who is my eldest sister's daughter, will be delighted. To her, Jollibee is "Jobee". She celebrate...

My youngest sister's favorite dish is sinigang na hipon. Hipon is shrimp in English. But my Mama insists on calling shrimp as shirimp. She can't drop the other "i" from it. Since that's the case, let's say it based on my Mama's pronunciation - shirim...

Baby Talk #3: Has Pat

on Jan 22, 2012 in: Baby Talk

It was Kuya Kim Atienza's Matanglawin episode that I was able to know about the Komodo Dragon. But my niece first learned about this giant lizard through her Daddy's A-Z video tutorial on his mobile phone. From A-Z, she tried to imitate how the examp...

Hototay is a soup composed of mixed meat and vegetables. It won't be complete without petsay Baguio or Chinese petsay. Because hototay has petsay as an ingredient, hohoto-hototay, according to my Mama's vocabulary, also means pepetse-petse, which I m...

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