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Here, we talk about daily things in our lives. We share what we saw, felt, read, experienced, heard, and learned. We also share here our dreams, passions, frustrations, heartaches, amazement, joy, and life lessons as we celebrate life.

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For You, My Beloved

on Oct 27, 2012

For You For You, I will wait. For You, I will endure all the pains. For You, I will be strong. For You, I will not give up. For You, I will keep our dreams. For You, I will keep the faith. For You, I will be me. I will never stop loving and...

The story below was originally written on February 5, 2011. What most people do on a rainy Sunday morning? Cuddling on bed, either with someone or with self alone. If this is a question to me that I need to answer, I am writing - which is obviou...

I know I made a promise the last time I got here to compose an article but my work was eating all space and time I had. Then, I read an article on my sister's blogs. You know in this technology age, friends and family only learn updates about each ot...

Computer at home is still broken. I promise to write next week maybe. But for now, let me share something from my sister Nikka Lynn and her road adventure. Enjoy!I was on my way home and having a hard time getting a bus. We were around 300 at the loa...

God Answers Prayers

on Aug 25, 2012

FromEmpowered Bible Study Ministries...

Hi there.I promised to myself that this part of the web would be purely independent articles. But for today, I am going to put another personal entry here which at first, I am not sure if any of it will make sense anyway. All I know is I want to writ...

His Death Reconciled Us: A Tribute to Jean EmmanuelWritten by Princess NiI thought that his death would reconcile my family. But I was wrong.It was 2003. I was sitting on a hallway in a hospital at Sta. Cruz Laguna. I can hear mama screaming in pain.

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