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a personal account of the not so common goings on in the life of a single woman in her thirties

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I've long established the fact that my niece is pretty so now, let me take the same route in sharing how insanely hamchum my nephew is. Presenting...the only and only...Cameron!

My dad talked to me about the dress I had on two weeks ago...turns out, I exposed a lot leg when I positioned my kids onstage.  The dress just falls right on my knees so when I bent over slightly, I showed the back of my thighs...I should have b...

Woke up slightly early and checked if I already had writing tasks assigned...I don't really like the topics assigned to me so I'm not in a hurry to get started.  My mom's exercising -- that's about two minutes just swaying side to side in front...

It’s the start of a brand new work week and oddly, my Monday didn't turn out so bad.  The topics I was assigned to write about were ones I was quite familiar with  so I managed to finished up early.  Tomorrow a new carpenter will be...

So, earlier today I asked my father about good investment opportunities that I can take advantage of...he suggested one but I quashed it because I actually want to earn money.  Then he remarked that I was too young to be planning for retirement.

New Year News

on Jan 22, 2013 in: midge, cameron goze

A very early Happy Lunar New Year! I've been really lazy coming here even during times when I felt like I had something sort of interesting to say (I can no longer remember what they were thought). Sometimes I turn on my computer just so I'd be...

Merry Christmas!My head's really heavy right now, thanks very much to the cold I got from sharing food with Cam (who caught the sniffles during his Hongkong getaway). I also haven't been sleeping well because I've just been really excited about celeb...

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